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Your Ultimate Team Meeting Space in Downtown Cary

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Are you looking for a meeting space to gather as a team? Look no further, Home for Entertaining has meeting spaces for rent.

Located in Downtown Cary, our space is the perfect mix of comfort and classy. This makes it a great spot for small casual team meetings to important strategy meetings. We have two great meeting rooms to choose from:

  • A cozy conference room that's perfect for up to 10 guests.
  • A sunroom that's ideal for bigger crowds, fitting up to 24 people.

Meeting Location Matters 

The location for your meeting can “make it or break it”. You want to be sure the space is clean, roomy, and comfortable. The right environment for meeting spaces can impact the focus, productivity, and conversation that happens. The environment is especially true for remote teams that are accustomed to comfortable and stimulating environments to improve creativity and productivity. 

At Home for Entertaining, we offer a unique approach to traditional office spaces. With a fun and welcoming atmosphere, your team will feel inspired and motivated. The space is a great place to host team meetings.

It has comfortable furniture, lots of natural light, and a welcoming atmosphere. This atmosphere makes everyone feel relaxed. With a blend of work and play, Home for Entertaining is an ideal choice for those seeking a fun and productive team meeting space.

The Conference Room

This spot is all about getting things done without the stuffiness. It has: 

  • A TV for all your projecting needs
  • High-speed Internet access 
  • All the basic supplies (pens, notepads, flip charts)

The conference room is cozy, filled with natural light, and designed to keep the ideas flowing and your team focused. 

The Sunroom: Where Bright Ideas Happen

Are you looking to have a meeting with a larger group? That is no problem. The sunroom is spacious, bright, and versatile. Whether you're hosting a workshop, a team meeting, or even celebrations, this spot will suit various needs. 

This space has a TV, fast wifi, and supplies to make sure your meeting goes well, like the conference room. 

All the Extras

We understand the significance of coffee breaks, so we offer complimentary coffee and water. We also can arrange coordinated catering or collaborate with a chef partner to serve your team food if you are interested. Our kitchen is perfect for team-building activities or casual hangouts. Additionally, we have a cozy backyard fire-pit where you can enjoy a relaxed evening with wine and s'mores.

Great Proximity to Downtown Cary 

downtown cary nc drone view of park

Photo from Downtown Cary Park


Our meeting spaces are right in the middle of Downtown Cary. This is a perfect location for business meetings because of the local area to explore. Downtown Cary has plenty of options for dining and entertainment. We are within walking distance of close to 30 restaurants ranging from casual to upscale.

Places that we recommend that are within walking distance:


Places for Coffee:

Places to Eat:

Places to Grab a Drink:

Places to Explore:

Places to Stay:

So, whether you're in the mood for a quick bite or a fancy meal, you're sure to find something that suits your needs. After your meetings, you can explore nearby cultural spots, shops, and cafes. They are just a few blocks away from our meeting spaces.

Why Home for Entertaining?

Choosing Home for Entertaining means you're in for a blend of professional and cozy. We design our spaces to ensure that your meetings or events are smooth, enjoyable, and memorable. Plus, our downtown Cary location is super convenient.

Choosing one of our spaces at Home for Entertaining for your team-building activities is a great idea if you're aiming for a blend of comfort, creativity, and connection. Our unique space stands out with its inviting rooms that break away from the typical corporate environment, fostering a sense of ease and inspiration among team members. 

If you are interested in booking a meeting room, email Megan Bradley at megan@homeforentertaining.com, and let's make it happen. We can't wait to host you and your team at Home for Entertaining!