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The Basics of The Bridal Registry

The Basics of The Bridal Registry

Congratulations! You just got engaged and are somewhere in the wedding planning process. It’s such an exciting and fun time but you may feel overwhelmed. Between finding the right dress, the picture-perfect venue, and your dream florist your list of to-dos is probably growing by the day.

We know it can be a ton of decision-making at one time but we have good news! We are here to help you with one of the most exciting parts: the bridal registry! Building a bridal registry of items you and your future spouse need/want is the cherry on top for us! So welcome, let's start creating your perfect bridal registry!

Why a Bridal Registry Matters

Before we get into the nitty gritty, why do people even have a bridal registry? A bridal registry is more than just a simple list of gifts. It can be a reflection of your lifestyle and dreams as a newly married couple. Consider it as a guide for your guests, directing them towards gifts that you will treasure and use. As Martha Stewart says, "Your registry should be as unique as your home and relationship."

Starting Your Bridal Registry with Home for Entertaining

When building a bridal registry, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. That's where we come in! We understand each couple is unique and so should their bridal registry. Are you a couple that loves hosting dinner parties? Or maybe you're more about cozy movie nights? Whatever your style, Home for Entertaining has you covered.

Speaking of style, your bridal registry should reflect your style. Consider wooden serving platters and artisanal ceramic dishes if you love a rustic feel. If you prefer a modern minimalist look, modest neutral place settings with simple silverware might be your cup of tea. The important thing here is to choose items that you will enjoy using, not just today, but for years to come.

Essentials for Every Bridal Registry

While personal taste is crucial, there are some essentials every couple should consider:

  • Dinnerware: A good set of dinnerware is a must. Whether it's for everyday use or special occasions, choose a set that's both durable and beautiful.
    • Our Skali Coupe Plate collection includes locally handmade side, salad, and dinner plates. Perfect for couples who desire distinctive and simple dinnerware. These are handmade in Burlington, NC. 

white dinner plates stacked

  • Bakeware: Bakeware is an essential item for newlyweds who love to cook and bake together, or want to start. With quality bakeware, you can experiment with new recipes and perfect your favorite ones, making your new home together even sweeter.
    • We have a stunning handmade ceramic baking dish from Peru that would be perfect for the new bride and groom. The Sweet Potato Baker is versatile and intended for everyday use. 

white ceramic baking dish
  • Barware: If you and your future spouse enjoy hosting parties or simply love a good homemade cocktail - barware is a great move. It’s the perfect opportunity to upgrade your collection and have the essentials on hand to make any drink you wish. 
    • Our Custom Leather + Glass Rocks Glasses are durable, fun, and custom. You have the option of personalizing these glasses with your names through monogramming, which adds a special touch to them.

custom leather bar glasses 

    • The Graham Bar Tool Set is a fantastic addition to any home bar, especially for those who are starting their new life together. If you don't have a bar tool set yet or are looking to upgrade your current one, this set is perfect for you. It includes all the necessary tools for making cocktails. You can impress your guests with fancy drinks or have an at-home date night. 
bar set at home
  • Towels: Such an essential household item and a great gift for your new home. Towels might not feel as fun as new artisan plates and glasses but there is something so satisfying about a new matching bath towel set. You can add monogrammed towels to celebrate married life and also non-monogrammed for everyday use and guests. 

  • Christmas Dishes: Christmas dishes are both practical and sentimental. Many couples love to host holiday gatherings and having a special set of dishes for those occasions can add a special touch to the event. They are also an item that can be used year after year, creating a family tradition for you and your new family. 

    • Glassware: This is one of the most timeless gift items for a bridal registry. Glassware can last a long time and even be passed down to generations to come. 
      • When it comes to choosing glassware for your bridal registry, don't settle for the ordinary. Our Puro line - textured glassware crafted from sturdy, mouth-blown glass is the perfect option for your bridal registry. Our wine glasses and goblets feature a hammered texture that creates a beautiful shimmer effect, perfect for everyday use or special occasions. 
    clear wine goblets
    • Cookware and Bakeware: If you love to cook, quality cookware is a game-changer. We offer a range of options, from non-stick pans to cast iron skillets.
      • Our Cast Iron Dutch Oven is a great gift for newlyweds that are wanting to spend time in the kitchen together. It is a versatile and durable piece of cookware that will last for years to come. 
    cast iron dutch oven
      • This Dual Handle Cast Iron Skillet can make for an excellent wedding gift to add to your bridal registry. It is large, durable, and long-lasting but also versatile and perfect for cooking a variety of dishes. This one will be cherished for years to come. 
    cast iron skillet with two handles


    • Household Items: It takes items that you love and treasure to make a house a home. We have everything from books to games and puzzles to household items that make hosting a pleasure. 
      • The "Just Married" cookbook is a great choice for couples starting together in marriage and perhaps in the kitchen too. It features 130 wonderful recipes.
    just married cookbook cover

      • These Butcher Blocks are essential for your new kitchen. They are versatile and will meet all your cooking and baking needs. 
    two wooden butcher blocks

  • Storage: When creating your bridal registry, you can think out of the box. Consider including storage items that are often overlooked but incredibly useful, such as a Christmas gift wrap organizer. This gift can help keep all your seasonal gift-wrapping paper and accessories neatly organized. Other practical storage ideas, like elegant jewelry boxes or kitchen cabinet organizers, can add efficiency and organization to your new home together.

    • Decor: New decor can reflect your style and taste as a couple, and can be a great way to create a comfortable and inviting space in your new home together.
      • If you want to jazz up your space, lamps are an easy way to do so. Our Olivia Table Lamps are beautiful and work well with various styles. 
    gold small table lamp
    • Our Pebble Vases are also great decor items for a bridal registry. They are a timeless and practical gift that you can use in your new home together. Vases can be used to display flowers or other decorative items, adding a touch of elegance and beauty to any room. 
    small white vase with flower

    Add Date Nights to Your Bridal Registry 

    In recent years, there's been a popular trend to add experiences in addition to material items on gift registries. At Home for Entertaining, you can add gift card options to your bridal registry to redeem for cooking classes and wine-tasting experiences. Typically a $200 gift card will cover a date night, allowing a couple to choose what experience they want to attend. What a great way to start your married life off with some date night options paid for!

    red wine poured into a glassDim Sum plate

    Building Your Registry Experience

    One of the best things about a bridal registry with Home for Entertaining is our seamless integration of online and in-store experiences. You can start your registry online, browse through our retail collections, and then come visit our store to see the items in person. 

    To start the bridal registry online, simply click this link to our website and follow the instructions on the page. You will sign up to create an account and then you will be able to start adding all the wonderful items you’ve been eyeing to your registry. 

    If you choose to start a registry in-store, just come on in and speak to one of our staff members. We are excited to help get the process going! A bonus: we offer all brides that start a registry in-store a bridal gift of an exclusive item not sold in our shop, wine or beer, and a local snack. 

    Personalizing Your Registry

    We also offer personalized services to your barware items, making your registry feel even more special. You can customize glasses, flasks, and decanters with your name or whatever you wish. It’s these little details will make your wedding gifts feel extra special. 

    Thanks for following us on this journey through The Basics of the Bridal Registry. Building a bridal registry with Home for Entertaining is about more than just listing items. We hope you are inspired to craft the first chapter of your married life, filled with items that bring joy, comfort, and beauty into your home! Your registry should match the life you're excited about creating with your significant other. Keep in mind we offer a 10% completion discount for up to 3 months following your wedding date for any unpurchased items.

    So go ahead, and have fun creating a bridal registry with Home for Entertaining that's as unique and wonderful as your love story! 

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